Company Overview

Company OverviewCompany


Company Information

Company nameLaffey Co., Ltd.
Address〒490-1225 1531 Hachisuka,Ama-shi, Aichi-ken
TEL 052-618-9309
Representative DirectorMakoto Araki
capital stockone million
BankTyukyo Bank、Nagoya Bank
Business contentSales of used game machines、Cross-border EC Consulting
EstablishmentAugust 18, 2020


Management Principles

[ Enjoy Japan Enjoy Life 

We want you to enrich your life by picking up and enjoying Japanese products.
Our wish is to deliver the appeal of Made in Japan to the world.

We are also working on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

I believe that the recycling industry can contribute to the utilization of resources and the conservation of energy.


Greetings from the President

I still remember the excitement of the game console
my uncle bought me when I was in elementary school.

Games are considered by some to be entertainment and not necessary,
but how many other things can engage and inspire children and adults alike?

We are grateful to have been born in such a great game country as Japan,
and all of our employees are doing their best to deliver excitement to people
all over the world, regardless of age.

President and Representative Director
Makoto Araki


Address Information

〒490-1225 1531 Hachisuka,Ama-shi, Aichi-ken


【Nearest Station】
Aotsuka Station, Nagoya Railways Tsushima Line
Walking Ten minutes.
If you are using a car,
please contact us so we can show you where to park.